Speed River - Niska Road Trail

There's a trail along the west side of the Speed River in Guelph from Niska Road over to Fife Road. Parking along Niska Road.
Popular with dog walkers year round - also cyclists during the nicer months.
Can be wet in parts during the spring since it is a flood plain.
Through an evergreen forest for the most part.


yvan said...

The trail no longer starts at the foot of Fife Road as indicated. Go to the Humane Society (off Wellington near the Hanlon) and on the east side of the Humane Society building the trail is marked with a "designated uses" sign. It runs along the Speed right away. About half way it joins the "old trail" which is partially closed. It still goes all the way to Niska, just north of the Bailey bridge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!